Achieve Your Goals by Keeping Right about the End of the Road

September 11, 2022

Have you ever climbed from your car and walked away in frustration because you were being delayed by one red light or traffic jam after another? Most likely not. You continued your journey in spite of all those infuriating delays and achieved the satisfaction of reaching your destination. You did not give up.

Travis Sago, this content marketing expert, has stated correctly that we accept سرمایه گذاری مدیریت ثروت LFC the delays caused by red traffic lights without having to leave our cars and giving up on our journey. But in other regions in our lives we give up too easily when we encounter even one ‘red light’ or hindrance. We, thus, fail to enjoy the link between completing these other ‘journeys’.

When we drive, we keep on, undefeated by the red lights, until we reach the end in our planned route. But when we run into roughly the same as a red light in our ordinary lives, we many times give up without a fight. When we encounter business and relationship problems, we meekly give up before we reach the ‘end of the road’ and achieve our goals.

Whether we drive or travel by train or by any other means of transport we complete our journey. In May, 08, my sibling caught a train from Liverpool to Euston. Delays were announced because of shoots on shipping educates further down the line.

People in the uk are accustomed to inexplicable train delays that one comedian, Bill Bailey, suggested that travellers would not question an headline stating that the delays were caused by Welsh dragon breathing fire into one of the tunnels further down the route!

In any event, dragon or not, my sibling did not abandon the train. She waited with patience prior to the shipping train shoots were put out and the train moved on. She completed her journey and arrived eventually at Euston station in London.

As i write, news has come through that a train taking Time party members away from their 08 Manchester conference has been delayed by a man with a rifle on the track near Rugby. I doubt if any of them abandoned their train. As they sit through the delay, they can at least celebrate the fact that the Conservative lead over Time has been cut in half!

In the Soap Internet explorer ‘Coronation Street’ one character asks another:

“What do you do if you fall off your horse? inch

“Sell it for glue? inch

“Get back on’t horse! inch

People not only ‘get back on the horse’ showing persistence, they also show effectiveness when their travel plans be fallible. They think up alternative plans or get help from someone else who knows more than they do. Recently, I had to get help from the RAC or Regal Automobile Club.

On my way to avoid of Brighton, earlier this year, I found that leaving was much more difficult than I had anticipated. I tried to escape from the numerous traffic jams, road works, inclines and narrow roads of Brighton but my car started overheating and the water in the radiator boiled over and left the vehicle smoking and smouldering.

I felt like walking away from the vehicle till in the morning. A generously traffic warden laughed and said he would turn a impaired eye to this! I could have stayed at a hotel for the night but instead I phoned the RAC and waited for help. None came until I phoned again and they said that a rescue car had been dispatched to Eastbourne, a lovely little town on the South Shoreline but not Brighton!

I was needs to feel a bit like Bill Foster, the smoothness served by Michael Douglas, in the film ‘Falling Down’, who seems to lose the plot when he is sacked and embroiled in the mother of all traffic jams on a very hot day.

However, after further frustrating delays a very efficient RAC auto mechanic finally arrived who fixed my car sufficiently for me to get home. Unlike Bill Foster, Used to do not end up approaching or shooting any one! Instead, I reached home with my car without trouble and without the police hunting me down with guns.

In fact, the traffic monitoring police were after me! Right after arriving home, I had a letter from Brighton and Hove local authority or council fining me for entering one of their bus lanes! They generously sent me a photograph to prove this.

Most of us, then, show determination, focus and effectiveness if we are on a journey. We get help if necessary but we complete our journey. However, we are far too ready to give up when things do not go right for us in operation or in our attempts to achieve our other goals.

If we want to make money writing a book, we give up at the first sexual rejection by a publisher. That is one ‘red light’ too many for us. We give up trying to make money on the internet when it involves far more work and learning than we were led to believe by those who stated quick cash. We give up the first time we are repudiated to start dating ?. A more determined person gets the woman or the man!

Some martial arts students give up the first time they fail a grading quiz. They don’t find it as just one hindrance or ‘red light’ on their way to their goal of blackbelt. One of my best students, who could easily have reached his blackbelt, gave up the first time he failed a test.

People who are trying to achieve a worthwhile goal are too ready to say:

“I quit! inch “I’ve had enough! inch “I give up! inch

It is well known that no one accomplishes success by quitting or giving up. The roads would be packed with cars from end of the country to the other if drivers gave up. Once in a blue silent celestial body you may have to leave your car and walk.

About 30 years ago, I was driving in South East London. Smog descended, as it used to in those days, so that I could only see about a yard in front of me. I abandoned the vehicle on a bridge in Abbey Wood. I could not drive on without endangering an accident. But that is the only time I can remember giving up on a car journey.

I don’t forget driving to Southend in a blizzard when the visibility was almost as bad as on that foggy day. That point I stupidly stayed in the car and completed the journey although both I and my voyager were scared stiff of ramming within a hair raising drive.

Let’s then transfer our callous determination to complete our travels to your other goals. Let’s keep directly on ‘to the end of the road’ until we have published that book or made those sales or mastered that skill. There are always a variety of ways of reaching your goals. Try them out before you give up. Get help as it’s needed.

Think daily of all the benefits that will flow from achieving one among your goals and such thoughts will draw you along to the end of your ‘journey’ whatever it may be. Decide what are the most important things you want to do to achieve your goals and give most of your energy to these activities.
Make them the first things you do each day.

Thought patterns are transferable. If we can show persistence in one area of life, we can show similar persistence in another. We can all choose what we will do initial thing in the day. Do your key tasks before reading your emails!

Mister Harry Lauder wrote a song soon there after his son was wiped out doing his thing in the first world war. The chorus amounts in the spirit of persistence which we all need not only when we are travelling but when we want to complete our other ‘journeys’.

“Keep right about the end of the road,
Keep right about the end,
Tho’ the way be long, let your heart be strong,
Keep directly on round the bend.
Tho’ you’re tired and tired still journey on,
Till you come to your happy abode,
Where all the love you’ve been thinking of
Will be there at the end of the road. inch

May you achieve the results, the joy and even the love which awaits you when you reach the end of your ‘journey’.

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