Bahama Shutters — The Distinct Advantages of Bahama (Bermuda) Shutters

July 22, 2023

Shutters are a cheap way to add style and charm to any home. They come in two main types: indoor and outdoor shutters. The latter type has in times past been used to protect homes and buildings from weather; and to provide residents with both privacy and a means of modifying the amount of light entering an area. Certain shutter types can be beneficial for homeowners living in thrashing or extreme climates. For example, Bahama shutters provide storm protection, while louvered shutters are a very good to block large windows from various temperature changes.

Exterior shutters, especially distinctive or carefully crafted wood pieces, can also add fashion to many industrial styles. For example, Bahama shutters give the historical flavor shutters las vegasof British colonialism to buildings, while vibrant colored board-and-batten shutters lend a little the Old American Western side to homes and other structures. Homeowners today have a wide variety of shutter materials to choose from, including wood, plastic, and fiberglass.

Bahama shutters: A unique, top-hinged option

The design and functionality of outdoor shutters vary by model. Bahama shutters (also known as Bermuda shutters) have top knobs, so they really stand in stark contrast to other side-hinged styles. The top-hinged design enables a homeowner to push his or her Bahama shutters out and away from the house. The majority of shutter styles have side knobs, enabling the homeowner to open them from the center seam and push them away from the house.

Some common types of side-hinged shutters include:

-Board and batten shutters, which consist of large, shapely slabs of shutter material. The rough-hewn designs are crafted to simulate the shutter styles available on American frontier homes.

-Louvered shutters, which consist of wooden slats encased by a wood frame. Today, louvered shutters are often made of plastic or fiberglass, as well. They are good alternatives for blocking off large panel windows or multiple windows in a series, and they can be customized to fit multiple building styles.

-Panel shutters, which are a Western european style of shutter and can be be customized to fit period buildings or décor. They normally are sq, with more than one recessed oblong panels set inside the shutter frames. Panel shutters also often come in fiberglass or plastic models.

When people think of outdoor shutters, they are often imagining more than one of these side-hinged styles. However, the less-common Bahama shutter has some distinct advantages for homeowners. This style is worth considering as a quality, high-performing window covering option.

What are the advantages of Bahama shutters?

Bahama shutters are manufactured to do something as storm shutters. Because the knobs of these shutters run along the the top of window rather than down both sides, the shutters can be swung out quickly, and can be rapidly closed in preparation for inclement weather. The quick-close, storm-protective nature of Bahama shutters make them an excellent choice for homeowners living in storm belts.

The new Orleans, LA and Biloxi, MI aspects of the united states were devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now, reconstructing is rapid and ongoing. More importantly, architects and contractors discovered from past mistakes and are creating homes designed to withstand hurricane years, rain, and flooding. Bahama shutters make highly functional window covering options in this Southeastern American hurricane belt. When coupled with intuitive buildings, such as housing cosmetic foundations that are raised off the ground to allow for flooding, Bahama shutters they can be handy assets during storm season.

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