The Situation Of The American Television Market

October 11, 2022

Almost one-fifth of the liquid crystal televisions apply the LED backlight in the third quarter of American market, which has increased so much than the last year. A survey shows that about 19.6% of the customers buy the LED backlight television. In the aspect of demands, some advantages of the LED backlight attract so many customers, such as the thinner appearance, the high-quality images environmental protection and the low power consumption. In the aspect of supply, the manufacturers of the television and panel are trying to invest on developing this technology, and k911 kodi release so many products. They aim to use the advantages to improve their sales.

In the third quarter, most of the American customers still choose the CCFL television. Its ratio has increased to from 63.5% to 64.5%, while the ratio of the other display techniques, such as the plasma and CRT technique, has decreased in the third quarter.

Customers’ interests of the Internet driving television is also increasing. About half of the buyers choose the embedded connector, and the others connect the internet through other methods, such as the personal computer and USB wireless stick. The YouTube is the most popular thing among the application of the internet driving television, because it can be used to watch the personal video; the Netflix enable the customers watch the films and videos timely. The size between forty inches and forty nine inches is hot, which takes 44.8%.

The 3D television takes a little ratio of the entire Market, but the 3D televisions bought by the customers have large size. Most of the buyers have the high income. The Tie-in sale in Thanksgiving Day makes more customers accept the 3D television. The quality of the image is the most important element to consider when the customers are choosing, which even exceeds the advanced technologies, such as the LED backlight and internet connection. The related integrated circuit is.

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