What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

October 8, 2022

Want to supersize your boobs? Or do you want a little touch up to make them perkier? Breast augmentation and implants are a great choice for body sculpting. Ministry Of Hemp More and more ordinary women are getting work done, and the results are amazing. If you’re thinking about getting a boob job, there are a few things you should know first.

Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?

Before you head to the plastic surgeon, there are some things you should consider. While most healthy women are perfect candidates for breast enlargement, there are some folks who should take heed. First off, smokers have a little harder time recovering from breast work. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible if you smoke, but just that you should take extra precautions and follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.

Most doctors don’t advise getting work done before you’re 20, even though the teen years are an age when many young ladies consider work. The reason is simply that your breasts may not be finished growing yet. It’s probably best to give it a few years and make sure Mother Nature doesn’t do the augmentation herself.

Basically, breast augmentation works best when you know exactly what you want, and exactly what to expect. The consultation with a plastic surgeon is the key part here. It helps if you can provide plenty of details about exactly what you want done. Clippings of your favorite celebrity’s breasts might come in handy here. Talk to your doctor about exactly what they can do for you, and then you’ll know what to expect.

Which Breast Implants Are Best? The Pros And Cons

There are two major kinds of implants, as well as a few alternatives we’ll discuss below. The biggies are silicone and saline implants. To sum it up in as few words as possible, silicone devices give you a more natural feel than saline devices, but they also carry more risks. Salines tend to be too firm, but if they rupture, you are in less risk of complications. There are fewer problems with saline implants.

You should think carefully about which type to choose. If you’re willing to take a little risk in order to have the best ones possible, go with silicone. Choosing saline implants that don’t feel totally right will be a waste. On the other hand, maybe they will work well for your body type, and you’d rather have the peace of mind knowing that they’re safe.

Luckily, there are alternatives. New types of breast implants are being developed every day. Among these are “autologous” grafts that use fat and other natural tissue from your body to add bulk. Another great new option is the “gummy bear” implants, named after the gummy candy because of their soft, natural feel. These new types of devices are not offered everywhere, but they are worth checking out. Talk to your local plastic surgeon to see what they offer.

How Big Can You Go?

Before you head to the surgeon, educate yourself on breast sizes. If nothing else, go to the store and look at bra sizes. This will give you a good idea of just how big you want to go. Remember that too top-heavy means back problems and lots of stares; and not big enough means more trips to the plastic surgeon down the road for more work.

Breast augmentation can give you exactly the look you want. Just make sure you know what you need, and make the right decision with the help of a skilled plastic surgeon. With the right implants, you can have the cleavage you’ve always wanted!

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