WoW Hunter Leveling Guide

June 24, 2022

What makes the gameplay of the hunter class so enjoyable is no wonder, the  diversity added to this class by the multitude of pets it can tame and control. Having a hunter on your account is great, especially because they are the ultimate solo farming machines, excellent in raids and also in PvP.

The question is, though, how to level a hunter as fast as possible to get to the juice of the game? I’ve found a very simple answer to this question. When WotlK was released and all my guildies started fresh, to get ahead of them with the XP, I got me a very handy WoW Hunter Leveling Guide. It provided me the best quest path for this class, information about the places where I could find useful pets and strategies to get the maximum potential of my toon. I would like to share with all the World of Warcraft players a few bits of knowledge this WoW Hunter Leveling Guide taught me.

WoW Hunter Leveling Guide – Know Your Beasts

To be an efficient hunter, any player must have 2-3 pets trained on the character, each pet for a specific type of gameplay. Tank pets, DPS pets or AoE pets are a few categories that a good hunter must have. For example, turtles or bears make great tanks, cats and wolves are excellent DPSers as for AoE I’ve been always using a gorilla.

WoW Hunter Leveling Guide – Become the Ultimate Trapper

A good hunter must also know the efficiency of his traps. You need to know when to use the slow trap, freezing trap or the damage trap. When playing my hunter, for example, I send my beast to tank 2 mobs, while I tank the third, all being hit at the same time by my Immolation Trap. When I go after elite mobs, I use both Immolation Trap and Freezing Trap depending on situation. If the things get rough, simply use your Feign Death.

WoW Hunter Leveling Guide – The Killer Spec of the Hunter

There is a multitude of specs for leveling up a hunter, but I’ve always preferred Marksmanship. Even if your pet doesn’t get improved stats from your talents a good tank pet resists and taunts great, while the hunter inflicts a lot of ranged damage. Basically, on Marksmanship, a hunter plus his pet make an excellent duo caster/tank.

WoW Hunter Leveling Guide – Average Gear for Maximum Effectiveness

Normally, for leveling up a hunter must gather up as much agility, attack power and mana he can get. So, keep all the DPS gear from your quests and only change your weapon from time to time. The reward equipment from quests is more than enough to get a hunter by. The best weapons for grinding a slow ones. It’s also a good thing to enhance them with scopes, if possible.

WoW Hunter Leveling Guide – A Hunter’s Profession

For my hunter, I combined mining and engineering. You get to craft nice guns for yourself, scopes to improve them, projectiles and bombs which can improve your AoE gameplay. Plus the engineering epic goggles look cool.

What I’ve told you here is just a small bit of information I’ve learnt as a hunter from the guide I used. It is no wonder, the best WoW Hunter Leveling Guide out there. It reveals amazing leveling strategies as well as an optimized quest path for this class, that will take you to the end game content in no time.


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